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You’ll need strategy, memory, luck, and a whole lot of nuts to win this game. Be the first to find a set number of nuts and stash them in your nut sack. 

The game starts with 24 small piles of cards arranged on the table. You’ll dig and search the piles to find your nuts, but beware! The piles also contain rabid kittens, zombie squirrels, tiny humans, and many other dangers. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad. You can also find body armour, decoys, and camouflage to help protect your nuts. 

Things get even nuttier when you play cards from your hand to mess with your opponents. Send a flood, start a forest fire, or take a bulldozer for a spin. You could even unleash the Suicide Frogs or the Ninja Beavers! You can do what ever you want when you’re a Little Nutter.

What's in the box?

You’ll get a deck of 197 cards featuring unique and hilarious artwork, 3 quick-reference rule cards, along with a full-colour rules booklet.

Artwork for Little Nutters has been created by the very talented illustrator and graphic designer, Anthony Wallace. More of Anthony’s work can be seen on his website here and on his Instagram.

What are the players saying?

I had a whole lot of fun playing Little Nutters! When I wasn't distracted by the amazing artwork on the cards, I was hell-bent on having the biggest nut-sack!
Greg W.
What an amazing game! It was easy to catch on to but thought it was great that the more you play the more strategy you can develop. The images are amazing, we just loved the different characters, good and bad, we came across. Family-friendly games that have adult playability are hard to come by so we were happy that it was a game we could play ourselves, with our friends, but was also easy enough to enjoy with the kids. We can't wait to play the game even more once it becomes available and would recommend it to all our card game loving friends.
Katie. H

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If you fund the Little Nutters Kickstarter project, you’ll also receive additional EXCLUSIVE cards which won’t be available in stores!

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